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We are so excited that you are interested in working with us!

Here is a quick survey to find out if you might be a right fit for our agency

Are you open and ready for growth?

Our team is equipped with industry experts who are ready to help your business truly grow, so we ask that you’re ready for the same! If you’re looking to stay status quo or aren’t ready to part with the way you’ve always done things, we might not be the best fit; we aim to always be innovating and executing on new ideas to help your business grow!

What’s your start up marketing budget?

As with all good things, there’s a bit more work to be done on the front end when starting something new! For one-off projects (like a website, online course launch, logo design, etc.), our clients typically spend $2,000-$10,000. If that budget isn’t realistic for you, let us know and we can send over recommendations for freelancers or other agencies.

What’s your monthly marketing budget? 
Our clients typically spend between $1,000-$5,000/month on monthly services like SEO, social media, blogs, etc. OR are actively working towards increasing their marketing budget to that amount. If that’s way out of reach for you at this time, we can happily send over recommendations of freelancers or other agencies that might better suit your needs!

What industry are you in? 

We’ve worked with clients in a wide variety of industries and truly love them all, but we’ve come to learn that certain industries require a more specialized approach that isn’t our strong suit! 

At this time, we do not take on clients in the following industries:

-Real estate (real estate agents, brokerages, etc.)
-Med spas 
-Political figures or political campaigns
-Medical practices needing PR service

What our next steps look like:

Our first steps look a little different than most agencies. Instead of giving you a generic proposal for our services, we like to get to know our new clients on a deeper level to understand not only your marketing needs but also your personal strengths/weaknesses so we can understand how we can complement your natural strengths and fill the gaps where you might tend to struggle.  

We do this by having you take a handful of personality/leadership assessments that will guide us in creating a customized marketing plan that takes your personality, time commitments, budget, and marketing needs into account. 

We’ll then schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your marketing needs, send you a recap of your personality evaluation results, and develop a marketing plan to fit your personality and leadership skills.  

We intentionally do our new client onboarding this way so we’re not wasting your time or ours. This process lets us quickly get to know you and develop a plan that actually works for you rather than spending time guessing or going back and forth.  Here’s a recap of next steps:

  1. Complete your personality/leadership assessments
  2. Schedule your marketing consultation to discuss your marketing needs
  3. We’ll send you a recap of your personality test results and a custom marketing proposal based on your needs & strengths
  4. Move forward however you’d like! Hire us, outsource, or execute internally

*Note: you must complete your personality assessments before scheduling a marketing consultation with our team.

Ready to get started?